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Area Overview
The Powerstation
The Gylland-spinningwheel


The Gylland-area lies on the east side of the valley Gauldalen, close to the highway E6 and the river Gaula, approximately 2km south of the road to Hovin. It's about 12 farms in the area, but only few of them are farming today. You will find a picture of the area under the link to the left.

In the old times many farmers produced spinning-wheels during the wintertime. At Kaasan did Halvor Gylland start production of "vabein". He got the ide after a trip to Lofoten, where he saw the fishing-tool being used.

In 1912 the area got electric power, when Arnt E. Gylland og Mikkel L. Krogstad build an electric power-station in Gylla. The creek went true the Gylland-area. At the most it gave electric power to the Gylland- and Krogstad-area, on the west side of the river Gaula. In 1911 the building-cost was found to be kr 22550.  It made the homeproduction on the farms much easyer and the electric light made it possible to work also in the dark period of the winter. The powerstation was in production until 1966.  But the power in Gylla was in use also before the powerstation came, then with sawmills and milling.


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